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Die in Purpose

parables & stories • hardcover

Guess who floats through life in peaceful apathy? Those who lack purpose.
Guess who treasures today and looks forward to Monday? Those who live in purpose.

$21.99 • Coming Soon!


non-fiction • study book
2,525 words per chapter • 2 chapters

I challenged myself to create, write, and design a "book" in 4 days.

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My text conversation with the Apostle Paul

The strangest thing happened last week.
I found myself in heaven flipping through the Book of Life.
This Book was nothing like I imagined over the years ...

$8.97 • Amazon Prime

a 1-step life

the little book on living beyond recovery

“An island of people who only KNOW
about pennies and nickels
can’t be blamed for doubting the man
who talks about his bag of quarters!”
- unknown

FREE • PDF Download $21.00 • Paperback

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