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A Few Recent Talks

Transitional Youth • Rotaries • Washington County Jail • FCCI Conference • Portland Business Luncheon • Bonneville Power • Prison Fellowship Conference • OSCI Prison • Coffee Creek Prison • Sonrise Church • 5 Rock Ranch • Living Waters Fellowship • Medford Gospel Mission • Westside Christian High


A Few Who Back Me

Armando Gutierrez • Chief Don Johnson • Bob Neubauer • Jared Roth • Doug Fairrington • Jim White • Jared Siegel • Gunnar Simonsen • Chris Overstreet • Judge Tom Kohl • Dr. Chris Meletis • Barry Engleman • Chaplain Rick Schermerhorn • Bill Dolan

Need Help with Your Book?

I also help people write, design, and create their book(s)

Recent Book Consulting: Frank Viola, Chris Overstreet, John C. Lehner, Keith Wadsworth, Joseph Hunt, Bob Neubauer, Sally A Fabre, Peter R Fisher, Dr. Chris D. Meletis, Bill Dolan, Holly Migas

Die in Purpose

parables & stories • hardcover

Guess who floats through life in peaceful apathy? Those who lack purpose.
Guess who treasures today and looks forward to Monday? Those who live in purpose.

$21.99 • Coming Soon!


non-fiction • study book
2,525 words per chapter • 2 chapters

I challenged myself to create, write, and design a "book" in 4 days.

$9.97 • Buy Now

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"I never want to say anything that makes me quotable." - Ricky
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