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"I never want to say anything that makes me quotable." - Ricky
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I challenged myself to create, write, and design a "book" in 4 days.

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My Books are Trojan Horses

Vulnerability is a gentle giant that knocks down walls. He’s not talked about much, and most people fear him, but he needs to be embraced. So, I write with my heart, speak with my ears, and create with my mind.

Your book can take you places where Social can't go.

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A beggar with a cardboard sign

publishes more content than a writer who never clicks publish.

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Transitional Youth • Rotaries • Washington County Jail • FCCI Conference • Portland Business Luncheon • Bonneville Power • Prison Fellowship Conference • OSCI Prison • Coffee Creek Prison • Celebrate Recovery Groups • Sonrise Church • 5 Rock Ranch • Free on Outside • Living Waters Fellowship • Medford Gospel Mission • Westside Christian High


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the Place between the Promise and the Palace is the Process.

I thought about going to Washington State, but I ended up going to Washington County.

PHD from WCU


I once drove a judge to prison. The same judge (Judge Tom Kohl) who presided over my case.

Judge to Prison